In the Healthcare industry rapid change is a way of life and Netritva has kept the pace with the same. Increased statutory implications, e-business challenges, rising patient expectations, increased efficiency and demand for error-less records keeps the healthcare industry under immense pressure and on a look out for new technical solutions from time to time.

For instance, just considering the sheer volume of clinical and operational data being generated on a daily basis, one wonders how to harness all of that data and turn it into evidence-based knowledge to act on.

Netritva has a proven expertise of implementing various application development, maintenance, support, integration and web-based applications and re-engineering projects for healthcare industry. Netritva Global Solutions and services to the Healthcare clients are powered by a winning combination of innovative solutions, prior client experience and knowledge. We offer a flexible delivery model with lower costs and the state of the art infrastructure.

Netritva Global Solutions possesses:

  • Healthcare domain knowledge to better identify the pain areas, comprehend the requirements in a clearer manner and offer better solutions
  • Technology expertise to translate the domain expertise into viable solutions
  • Rich repository of re-usable components and ready set of test cases to reduce the cost of development and delivery timelines
  • Awareness of the key industry requirements like performance, scalability, reliability, security and interoperability .

We are developing a multi-step, phased implementation approach to enable Healthcare organisations to transition their systems and electronic commerce processes to meet regulatory requirements. Netritva’s solutions for Healthcare clients aim at:

  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Improved information life cycle - Readily available secure health records
  • Improved business intelligence - improved claims analysis and financial reporting
  • Improved resource planning and scheduling
  • Out-of-Box report generation
  • Better business process management.

Among the application areas, Netritva is working with some of the best known names in the Healthcare industry:

  • Content management system-driven customer-facing portals
  • Line of business applications
  • Document management systems
  • Software testing
  • Application support & maintenance
  • Mobile application development.

The Netritva Healthcare industry Product Engineering Advantage:

  • Huge savings on maintenance costs through Netritva’s global delivery model
  • End-to-end product engineering services under one roof
  • Time-tested, rock-solid quality processes
  • Fully-secured and redundant offshore development facility at Noida, India.


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