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Full-Spectrum Software Solutions and Services Aimed at the Global Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Industry.

In today's highly oligopolistic business landscape that leads to a high customer turnover, financial institutions are increasingly harnessing new technologies to effectuate enhanced customer loyalty and streamline their internal processes.

Netritva Global Solutions' full-spectrum software service offerings in the BFSI domain offer businesses the key to leverage the emerging opportunities and new markets. With changing delivery channels and ever-rising customer service expectations, the Internet has redefined the very nature of how, when and where the world invests. Netritva Global Solutions provides a complete bouquet of development, support & maintenance, and testing & quality assurance of business applications with a keen BFSI customer-focused strategy.

As one of our major vertical specialisation areas, Netritva Global Solutions focuses on the design, development and implementation of solutions to meet the challenges and constraints faced by our clients in the BFSI. Netritva Global Solutions' multi-disciplinary skills are tailored to suit the particular requirements of individual client projects - whether for a traditional assignment, or a placement within the client's project team.

Netritva Global Solutions possesses:

  • BFSI domain knowledge to better identify the pain areas, comprehend the requirements in a clearer manner and offer better solutions
  • Technology expertise to translate the domain expertise into viable solutions
  • Rich repository of re-usable components and ready set of test cases to reduce the cost of development and delivery timelines
  • Awareness of the key industry requirements like performance, scalability, reliability, security and interoperability.

Netritva Global Solutions' cost-effective and value-added services help several banks, financial institutions and wealth management companies to achieve a phenomenal success in their respective marketplaces. Some of the solutions are:

  • Core business execution & delivery applications
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Line of business software applications.


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