Netritva Global Solutions presents the most effective Jewelry Photo Retouching or Jewelry Photo Editing service that is one of the most complexes compared with other commercial image editing or retouching. Whenever photographers work with jewelry product photos, the professional retouching is essential for the higher sales around the era of web based markets having image catalogs. Our jewelry photo edit and retouching services focus just not only concerning high-end part of big companies or re-sellers, requiring the top focus to details for their catalogs, quality, but also on beginning artists, promoting their non-professional photos. Our Jewelry photo edit & retouching professionals have practical experience of editing for multiple products like bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendant, Brooches, anklets, wedding and watches etc.

We provide High Class Jewelry Retouching:

  • Clipping Path / Round Path / Multi Path
  • Remove Dust & Remove Poor Reflection
  • Natural Shadow
  • Color Adjustment
  • Improvement of Diamonds/Gemstone & Precious metal Color

We offer Jewelry Edit & Retouching or any Jewelry Photo Editing solutions for the jewelries House having any type of complexity and made of any materials: from precious metals to costume jewelry, having or without having gems. Jewelry photos need extreme Photoshop manipulations like; blemishes removal, color adjustment, re-drawing of vital parts, overlooks and reflections, ensuring the photos much sharper and obviously functioning with jewels. Gems could be kept unprocessed if it is essential to keep their natural features or they could be heavily beautified or retouched up to complete replacement. Our retouch experience in this particular industry makes it quite possible to edit the same image in a different way and in different looks. In such a way we can correct our jewelry retouch towards the same style as existing images in your catalog or by our own sense if there is no recommendation. We accept any kind of size, format and quality - from amateur jpg to center RAW file. With our experienced teram we use time proven jewelry photo edit & retouching services with techniques to clean and enhance your jewelry photos to impress your end customer/s.

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