Stock pictures are sold by online image banks like Getty Images, AP etc. These pictures are licensed that are used for various creative and design projects. Editing the stock pictures can be quite challenging and need expert image editors to understand the sensitivities of retouching a stock image.

Netritva has a range of Photoshop professionals, who are experts at retouching images according to needs or the keywords of the images. We are committed to high quality and sticking to the timelines set by the clients as we know these aspects are the most important when it comes stock photo agencies . We have served multiple photographers and stock agencies with our high quality image retouching services.

Various Components of Stock Photo Retouching :

  • Photo Compositing.
  • Photo Manipulation.
  • Color and Density Correction.
  • Removing Logos and Unwanted Objects.
  • Fixing Camera or Lens Distortions
  • Removal of Camera and Scanner Dust.
  • Correcting Bad Lighting.
  • Noise Removal.
  • Fashion or Glamour Photo Retouching
  • Food Photo Retouching

Basic or Standard Retouching:

  • Basic or Standard Retouching:

    Basic Retouching includes color and contrast correction, noise smoothening, sharpening, and other simple adjustments.
  • Photo Compositing:

    This feature includes merging two or more photographs to produce one final picture highlighting an idea, story or a situation.
  • Human Retouching:

    Altering body shapes, removing spots and blemishes from the skin etc to give the images a glamour look.
  • Image Manipulation:

    Adding or Removing elements on an image, lighting effects, background change, fixing distortions, removal of logos etc, to alter the look and feel of an image.
  • Pre-press services:

    In most cases Stock Images are used for printing purposes. After all post production work is done on the images we prepare them for printing by applying the appropriate settings.

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