Making a great product is not enough anymore. Manufacturers can no longer rely on low prices, high quality and on-time delivery alone, success requires the manufacturers to enhance productivity and competitiveness.

Netritva has proven expertise in developing bespoke applications including ERP systems, business intelligence systems and supply chain management systems for the Manufacturing industry.

Netritva enable clients from the Manufacturing industry reap greater operational efficiencies, enhanced productivity, heightened customer satisfaction and reduced customer churn rate. With our solutions you get:

  • Operational success and increased productivity
  • Excellent customer service and satisfaction through innovation and competing quality
  • Controlled costs, exponential savings and improved profit margins
  • Globally competing solutions to sustain competitive edge and increase market share
  • Effective information systems to increase manufacturing performance
  • The ability to reduce time-to-market and outperform the competition
  • Fulfilment of new opportunities with existing resources
  • Legroom to provide enhanced and competitive products and services to the end customers.

Full-Spectrum Software Services Aimed at the Global Manufacturing Industry:

As one of its major vertical specialisation areas, Netritva focuses on the design, development and implementation of solutions to meet the challenges and constraints faced by our clients in the Manufacturing industry. Netritva’s multi-disciplinary skills are tailored to suit the particular requirements of individual client projects - whether for a traditional assignment, or a placement within the client's project team.

Netritva’s possesses:

  • Manufacturing and supply chain domain knowledge to better identify the pain areas, comprehend the requirements in a clearer manner and offer better solutions
  • Technology expertise to translate the domain expertise into viable solutions
  • Rich repository of re-usable components and ready set of test cases to reduce the cost of development and delivery timelines
  • Awareness of the key industry requirements like performance, scalability, reliability, security and interoperability.

Netritva has large pool of expert & experienced resources with a strong product mindset and team structures & engagement models, which work as an extension of your own teams. Added to this is Netritva’s deep-level Manufacturing industry domain expertise.

The Netritva Manufacturing Industry Product Engineering Advantage:

  • Huge savings on research product development & maintenance costs through Netritva’s global delivery model
  • End-to-end product engineering services under one roof
  • Highly adaptable and accessible top management
  • Time-tested, rock-solid quality processes
  • Fully-secured and redundant offshore development facility at Noida, India.


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